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What you should know about platform shoes of 2022

Suppose you are looking to purchase more platform shoes this year. In that case, hopefully, this article will provide some insight into why individuals are gravitating towards platform shoes, which platform shoes are trending this year, which platform shoes will get you compliments and how to style your platform shoes. One can also use US shoes stores reviews to browse through their review section to help one decide which store to shop at. For example, one can look at public desire reviews. Public Desire has reviews from their previous customers rating their experience with them. Looking at a company’s review section can be especially beneficial when shopping at a new company as it gives insight into how previous customers thought of their services and products.

Why does everyone love platform shoes?

Platform shoes are making a comeback, and many have fallen back in love. The secret is that platform shoes provide an elevation that most shoes do not and are often more comfortable than heels. Moreover, a platform shoe can take an outfit up a notch, enabling one to make more of a statement and have a better shock value.

The top 5 trending platform shoes of 2022

Platform shoes are taking over this summer/spring. To begin with, highly saturated sandals in colors such as green, neon pink, and purple will become increasingly popular throughout this year. Moreover, the Mary Jane heel will also be taking on new heights this year and will continue to incorporate the sultry feel that this specific shoe has and is perfect for a night out. Furthermore, loafers are also coming back, bringing with them the preppy aesthetic. However, the shoe being risen gives the preppy shoe an edge, both figuratively and literally. Lastly is the iconic Y2K Flatforms that give off a Bratz aesthetic.

Platform shoes that will get you compliments

If you’re looking for some new platform shoes that will ensure you get compliments, then hopefully, this will help guide you. Firstly is the classic leather platform oxford shoe. This shoe is perfect for making one’s outfit look a bit dressier and is relatively comfortable to wear, and one can break them in quickly. Secondly is the classic Dr. Martens Jadon Pisa leather platform boots. These boots can make a grand entrance and stand out from the crowd. Moreover, if you look after them, they can last you a lifetime. Lastly is a gorgeous pair of Free People Sandlas. These shoes ooze the 80s/90s and are incredibly comfortable.

What to wear with platform shoes

One may struggle to style their platform shoes to match their outfit cohesively. If you are struggling with this, hopefully, this will provide you with some insight. Firstly, if you have a more sporty fashion sense, try pairing your outfit with a cute pair of platform white sneakers, as this will give your sporty look a bit of an edge to it. Secondly, any midi skirt looks great with platform sandals. Combing these two makes one’s legs look longer and their body slimmer. Lastly, when wearing platform shoes with a dress, consider wearing a dress with a slit on the side. Doing so allows onlookers to get a peek at your shoes, yet your shoes will not overwhelm the look.

Platform shoes are becoming a great way to incorporate more height and edge into one’s outfit. Additionally, they seem to become a great new accessory to tie in an outfit and make one stand out from the crowd. Therefore, one may consider purchasing a pair this summer.

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