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What Are Some Common Myths Regarding VPS Hosting?

What Are Some Common Myths Regarding VPS Hosting? Any new technology is usually welcomed with two kinds of users – one, who tries to learn about the technology including its benefits and limitations and use it to their benefit; and two, who are skeptical about using it due to several misconceptions or myths surrounding it.
Right since the launch of Virtual Private Server Hosting, there have been many misconceptions about them. Today, we will talk about some common myths regarding VPS Hosting and help you make a decision to Buy VPS.

What Are Some Common Myths Regarding VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server created by using virtualization.
Each virtual server has dedicated resources, an isolated environment, and complete root access among other features.
It offers a dedicated server-like environment at marginal costs. Here is a quick look at some of the most common myths regarding VPS Hosting:

Myth 1. You need to be a Linux expert to use VPS Hosting

We understand where this myth originated from.
When VPS Hosting was launched, most providers offered it as an unmanaged service focused on developers and technical professionals alone.
Hence, most people recommended only Linux experts to use a VPS.

However, things have changed since then.
Today, site owners have the option of Managed VPS Hosting that ensures that the hosting provider takes care of technical processes like backups, security, updates, server performance, etc.
This has allowed non-Linux experts to benefit from a VPS and host their websites on a virtual server.

Myth 2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting is cheaper than Managed VPS Hosting

Here is one fact – Unmanaged VPS Hosting has lower upfront costs as compared to managed services.
In other words, unmanaged plans are priced lower than managed plans.
The reason is obvious – the web host does not have to spend time and resources to manage your VPS.
Hence, he offers unmanaged plans at a lower price.

However, web hosting is not just about buying the hosting plan. You have to take care of a lot of tasks too.
An Unmanaged VPS is like a blank slate – no operating system, no applications, no firewall…nothing!
You need to spend time and money to get it up and running.
Also, managing hosting server maintenance can be time and cost-consuming.
Therefore, in the long-run, unmanaged plans can cost a lot.
In fact, with managed services, since the host takes care of most technical aspects of hosting, it turns out to be more cost-efficient than unmanaged plans.

Myth 3. VPS Hosting is Very Complex

This myth probably stems from the fact that most people don’t understand virtualization completely.
They believe that single hardware for a single website is the simplest form of web hosting.
While that is true, it is also very costly.
In fact, the best way to look at a VPS is to imagine a dedicated server with lesser resources.
Although a VPS shares the server with other virtual servers; dedicated resources, account isolation, and complete root access allow it to perform like a dedicated server.
Hence, it is not complex at all.
Further, with managed services, you leave all the complex technical aspects to the web host and focus on growing your business.

Summing Up

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, misconceptions and technology usually go hand-in-hand.
Therefore, it is important to understand the truth before believing any negative/positive view of any technology.
We hope that this article helped clear some misconceptions about VPS Hosting.
If you have any further questions, please mention them in the comments below.

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